China’s ‘flaunt your wealth’ challenge goes viral with people falling out of cars with luxury goods

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Photos of people lying face down on the ground — surrounded by luxury bags, shoes, and sometimes wads of cash — have gone viral on Chinese social media

A woman lies flat on the ground with cash and make up scattered around her. It looks like she has fallen out from a sports car.

The bizarre trend — dubbed the “flaunt your wealth challenge” — has generated more than a million posts on Chinese social platform Weibo in the past two weeks.

China’s growing army of social media influencers have played a role in popularising the meme, sharing images of themselves participating in the challenge with their followers.

Dressed up in their finery, the influencers usually pose as if they’ve just fallen head first out of a luxury car and spilled their most valuable possessions onto the pavement.

The trend has puzzled many an outside viewer as to what the appeal may be, and the increased attention has not been an all-round positive experience for the participants.

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