Devastated Kyle and Josh Brooks REGRET ‘allowing producers to convince them into doing X Factor’

The twin brothers claim they have been left with nothing following allegations of domestic violence

Disgraced X Factor group Brooks Way regret signing up for the ITV show.

The band – which is made up of twin brothers Josh and Kyle Brooks – were allegedly hesitant at first to take part in Simon Cowell’s talent competition as they were convinced they could make it on their own.

However, producers from ITV reportedly convinced the 17-year-old boys to do it by promising them fame and fortune.

Looking back, the pair now wish they had listened to their initial instinct and steered well clear of the programme.

A source told Mirror Online: “The twins are deeply upset and deeply regret doing X Factor. They were both talked into it by producers and agents who said the show would get them attention and instant fame.

“They never thought it would end up like this – with the pair of them in disgrace and kicked off the show.

“Both boys believe they could have made it on their own and are devastated that they have blown their chances.

“The show was meant to make them – instead they have been left with nothing.”

Brooks Way were suspended from X Factor on Saturday when allegations surfaced that Josh had physically attacked hi ex-girlfriend Amelia Clark.

She was reportedly left with black eyes, bite marks, and bruising following the incident.

On another occasion, the 18-year-old was allegedly booted in the face by the aspiring singer, leaving he with a broken nose.

X Factor bosses conducted an investigation into the claims over the weekend and on Monday announced that show bosses had decided to remove Kyle and Josh from the competition all together.

An X Factor spokesperson told Mirror Online: “Following the allegations relating to Josh Brooks, we have decided by mutual consent that Brooks Way should leave the competition.”

Commenting on his dismissal from the show following the claims, Josh said: “Due to events in my personal life I’ve decided that it’s best not to be on the show at this time. While not everything that has been claimed is true I would like to apologise to everyone involved.”

Brooks Way have since been replaced by girl group Four of Diamonds.

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