Face Of Kilogram24 Goes To Jesse Mcjessiey.

Meet Jesse Mcjessiey a hot Kilogram24 reader. For they ladies, the pictures you are about to view now can make you have a second thought on your man lolzzz. Because Jesse is really cute. Meanwhile still on this ladies, take it easy we are not fighting here #winks call some of your fellow girls to come see as well. Don’t be greedy biko.

About Jesse ? Read below…

Jesse Aimuan also known as Jesse Mcjessiey is founder of Pretty Boy Music, a music creation and event branding firm, and has produced his own music records, toured around the globe and has had dozens of TV placements. Passionate about supporting musicians, Jesse Mcjessiey hosts popular workshops, audio and visual trainings and other valuable resources on his website In The Key Of Success.

Jesse Mcjessiey makes his living as a music creator who shares his processes. He got her start working as a recording studio tech, then assistant and music supervisor and ultimately a composer at Pretty Boy Music.
Jesse Mcjessiey has written music for artistes, nationally-airing commercials and web content. He has spoken about the music business, event branding, and creating a creative career even in and around music conferences around the nation.

A graduate of Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria, Jesse Mcjessiey has self-produced lots of records, songs from which have appeared on different radio stations and many more. He has toured both solo and with his band through Nigeria and close countries, appearing on the stages with acts such as Efe Nathan, Eben,ETC..

Jesse Mcjessiey splits his time between Lagos, Abuja, and London.

Aimuan Jesse™

Music- Maxzy “True love cover” Snippet Download 

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