Here is what a facebook user have to say about democracy day.

According to a facebook user Sunday DaSword Matthew, Here is what he has to say about this government. Well do you agree with him?

In this government I heard a minister say “they were not expecting Super Falcons to win the nations cup”, I heard a minister say ” Masquerade dressing will be a great source of employment for thousands of youths” I heard a minister say “Nigeria will start importing grass from Brazil”, I heard a governor say “paying the unemployed 5k will push them into marrying anyhow” I heard a governor say “fornication was the cause of meningitis” and I heard a governor say “He will use wheel barrows to empower youths”……. PATIENCE Gudluck in all her grammatical errors was no doubt more REASONABLE than the above governors n ministers… This regime NOT having any tangible result for two years is not the issue cos the next 2yrs could be great !!! The ACTUAL ISSUE is when you don’t have any tangible result on ground and you keep deceiving yourself you hav achieved a lot; if this self deceit continues, Nigeria would have only succeeded in wasting 4yrs 😅😨😅.. When a man who wants to retain power has no tangible result on ground, desperation sets in and when desperation sets in, evil (jailing, kidnapping and killing of innocent people standing against him ) becomes inevitable… I PRAY GOD heals my PRESIDENT so he can come back n use the next 2 yrs to fix the mess his regime has plunged Nigeria into. Happy democracy day!!!!!!!!

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