Lessons learnt on the U.S presidential race, By Ijeoma a kilogram24 reader

By Ijeoma

The U.S election has come and gone and as it is, analysis and opinions about the presidential election and the personalities involved will linger for a long while, longer than we expected. 

The presidential race was not for two candidates only, but two, only two candidates caught the world’s attention. As portrayed by the media, the race was figuratively a do or die affair for both candidates. 
Media had these two, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on the spotlight, high up there. 
During campaigns, as expected, certain people; influential and popular people will endorse a candidate and encourage their “fans” to support their choice and vote for them. The media presented Hillary Clinton as the people’s choice and Donald Trump was presented as the ‘bad guy’. 
At the long run, after all said and done, Donald emerged as the winner. Now, it is pertinent to note that there was no record whether as implication or fact, that the election was rigged nor unfair. This automatically means that the American presidential election was free and fair.
Now this has posed a question in my head, which is: does this then mean that those popular and influential people, known as celebrities, did not actually stand with Clinton, or were their fans disloyal fans? One thing is to be learned: trust is earned after it must have been tested to be trusted. 
Still on the events around the American presidential election, acclaimed men of God, meddled into a business that does not affect their calling (in my own thoughts), a very popular acclaimed “Prophet of God” in Nigeria prophesied that Hillary Clinton will be elected president of the United States of America. Truth be told, it seemed so during the campaign period and even at the early start of the polls, but we all know how the story ended. And I ask, like others have asked too: does it mean that he heard wrongly or has he ever heard right? Whose voice did he hear, was it the voice of the media,most of the media, or was it the voice of the celebrities and their endorsement, because one thing is for sure, the Almighty God is not and will never be an author of confusion. 
Basic lesson to be learnt from his meddling is this: MIND YOUR BUSINESS ALWAYS!
If Donald Trump could win after been tarnished by the contemporary media, then believe it or not, anything can happen. 
Do have the best of the day and never forget, anything can happen, anything Is possible. Like Donald Trump, dare to win, be persistent and never let down your guard and never give in to defeat. You will excel more than you can even imagine, when you are resilient in your pursuit for success. Like Hillary Clinton, never hate on your neighbor’s victory or success. The holy book says “rejoice with those who rejoice and cry with those who mourn”.
There are a lot to be learnt from the U.S’ Presidential election campaign, poll and election. Think deep into issues, open your mind to learn, do not be carried away by distractions, focus on the real stuff, the real deal. The chaff is definitely not as important as the content.


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