MY NIGERIA! MY NIGERIA!! Article By Wise 1

MY NIGERIA! MY NIGERIA!! This write up is coming from a Young man, who believes so much in Nigeria and wish her well. Lovely readers meet Solomon Orukpe, who is popularly known as Wise 1.

  Article By Wise 1

During the campaign of 2015, I never supported President Muhammadu Buhari, or better addressed as PMB.

But after the election and he was declared winner, as a patriotic citizen and one who believes in the growth of Nigeria, I gave him my blessings and supported him from that day.

Six months into his regime, Nigerians were calling for the appointment of ministers and he replied saying he is taking his time. Finally, the list came out and to my surprise and that of others the list did not meet our expectation.

PMB is 70+ and people like me expected that at his age and the time it took him to appoint this ministers, I will see the names of young and vibrant individuals, people with innovations that move with this present dispensation and less names of the usual circle. I know some will say “E be like this guy no like Buhari. Mind you, I am not anti-Buhari.

I love my country so much that I want the best for her. Now one will ask, it took you six months to appoint most of this people that we know. It took you six months to appoint people that even your wife claim that you do not know most of them? It took you six months to appoint a minister that cannot give a little insight on what Nigeria is owing.

It took you six months to appoint people who join you in blaming the past administration. It took you six months to appoint ministers that only few fit into their appointed positions. Sad indeed. God bless Nigeria…

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