Take a look at the house valued to £4.75million Justin Bieber rented in London

When i say money is good, well this is just an intro to what i mean. World music star Justin bieber rented a home previously valued at £100million during his recent visit to London.
So Justin Bieber had high standards to match for his short stay up North.
The 22-year-old superstar has rented a £17,000-per-month rural retreat for his gigs in Manchester and Sheffield.

And he might need it too… because he stomped off stage in Manchester at the weekend when fans booed him for taking too long between songs.
The £4.75m property looks like the grass-covered Teletubbies home with its very own helipad, football pitch and indoor swimming pool and gym.

The multi-level property is built into a hillside and has its very own ‘leisure section’, including a ‘fully equipped sports bar with fridges, seating and three TV screens’.

The bar overlooks an open hall used for indoor games such as cricket, badminton and football.

Parallel to the sports hall is the indoor pool, with a steam room, jacuzzi and changing rooms, as well as the gym.

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